Erectile Dysfunction

Intra-Penile Injection

The current formulation is the most effective in the world. The treatment combines a range of vaso-dilating in various combinations. This has been the most popular and effective medical treatment for many years now, and helps more than 95% of patients achieve erections through a virtually painless procedure thanks to the automatic applicator: it administers the medicine instantly at the press of a button, making sex spontaneous and enjoyable. Direct application into either rod (the “corpus cavernosa”) causes relaxation of the penile arteries and of the erectile tissue, allowing a rigid erection to occur almost immediately. Self-injection therapy can be very successful with all causes of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

This type of treatment represents the gold standard against which other treatments must be compared: it is also the safest – with no significant side effects in the rest of the body. International experience shows this type of treatment has the highest cure rate, improving erections and confidence for many patients. If this is the preferred treatment option the Medical Professional will give you a Dosing Protocol and written instructions before mixing the treatment specifically for you.

Arterial Insufficiency

To treat this, your therapy involves intensive treatment of six to eighteen months’ duration, once or twice per week by self-application to help open and stretch muscles of penile arteries and erectile tissue. This is not just to give you an erection but also to improve the elasticity needed for future erections: it can not only prevent deterioration but also improve spontaneous erectile function.

Reducing risk by quitting smoking, losing weight and increasing exercise can also be important.

Venous Leakage

Self-application of medication helps improve the elasticity or expandability of the erectile tissue allowing trapping and hence maintaining an erection. Having a good erection up to twice per week for six to eighteen months as an intensive treatment can improve this flexibility significantly. In severe cases a penile ring can be useful as well.

Psychological Impotence

The vicious cycle can be broken once you are sure that you will perform: a positive reinforcement will occur and your level of confidence and self-esteem will improve, meaning a lesser chance that adrenaline will be released, reducing blood-flow to your penis.

The Future

The Men’s Clinic wishes you all the very best with your improved sex life. We will endeavour to keep our patients informed of any new treatments as they become available.


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